About Me

Hi this is Aki!


My mom’s Japanese and my dad’s Thai, so that makes me a halfie!


I’m a Bangkok based, professional Japanese, Thai, English (Trilingual) MC, Narrator, Blogger, Illustrator, Singer, and more…

バンコク(タイ)を拠点に 日本語、タイ語、英語の司会 ナレーター ブロガー イラストレーター バンドマン(笑)ブラジリアン柔術 をバンコクでやってます。


I love love drawing, singing, swimming, cycling, doing all crafty and artsy stuff. Love shopping and anything to do with beauty and fashion.

I’m recently introduce to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and now I’m addicted!


I’m a voice for ‘Sugoi Japan’.

A TV program about traveling to Japan.

I draw quite a lot… here are some of my drawings… (from back in the days)

 30600_1482117092121_6740301_n 30600_1482117052120_7751870_n


I use to be in a band call “EZRA”. It all started from us covering our favorit artist’s (L’arc~en~Ciel) song. From hobby, it became serious and we released and album. We also have a super music videos as well.

MV “Prelude”

MV “Promise”

Right now, I’m still revolving around music and fashion industry, and that is why I started blogging.!!!

Thanks for reading my bio!


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