Autumn face trend 2014

Allow me to quote

“LOOK away, lipstick fanatics – eyes are the focus for autumn/winter 2014. From liquid latex applied to the lids at Dior to extra-long false lashes at Rochas and Gucci, make-up artists determinedly turned their attention to eye make-up when creating the season’s catwalk beauty looks.

Of course the ever-present natural look remained popular, but this time with either a healthy, sporty vibe – partnered with naturally wavy, tousled hair – or with clever sculpting and definition for a perfected take on the bare-faced look. For hair, ballerina buns returned to the spotlight, whilst cornrows made an unexpected appearance at Alexander McQueen, Marchesa and DKNY.”

And if you want to have a look at the whole trend, please CLICK here.

My opinion. Sure. Eyes are like the highlight area for this year’s autumn and winter, but I still believe that a deep burgundy or a bold red lips can still do the job. But what I want to emphasise is more on the skin. I can see that no matter how bold the eyes or lips are, the face trend is still all about natural glow yet flawless.

I usually use BB cream for my daily makeup, but will use foundation when needed. But the foundation I want to talk about today is RMK’s creamy foundation. I recently went to their Autumn and Winter 2014’s launching workshop and got to try out some of their new stuff.

Can also go check out their items from their RMK official website here.

Honestly at the event, I wasn’t sure that their light weighted foundation was from the product itself or was it because I had makeup on and had to wipe it all clean before application, that made me feel like my skin was so light. But after trying the product for a few days, this foundation is definitely something I will personally go to the counter and get one! It is so light, yet gives you just the right coverage. I mean if you want more coverage you can layer on more, but for me, I think I can just use concealer.

By the way the makeup artist from RMK Japan, Mr. Masaaki Abe was like Japanese idol… like Johnny’s Junior or somethin’….

And here is the foundation! Can also go see the detail on their official website here.

Group photo with fellow bloggers in Thailand!

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