Military Overall

Hi all!!! Spring and Summer coming!!! Well… every year there’s going to be a new trend and sometimes old ones coming back, but that’s the beauty of fashion trend…. it goes around. As for me this year, I’m really into sports inspired looks. But I’m also trying to add in more military taste to my wardrobe. So instead of my usual go to spring denim overall, I’m doing Military Overall. With this outfit, I tried to match them differently with 2 combination of shoes and bags.


Combination 1 : Lace bag and Lace wedges. This one is really girly and springy.

コンビネーション 1:レースのクラッチバッグとレースのウエッジで女の子っぽく、春っぽくしました。

About akinoyuutsu

I'm half Japanese and Thai. I sing, draw, create stuff.. and love Fashion. Currently based in Bangkok, Thailand. 日本人とタイ人のハーフで、タイランドと日本を行ったり来たりしてる、ファッション好きな女の子です。

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