For Women and Lady Bosses who SLAY

I started an online T-shirt store. For a very simple reason. I love doing creative stuff. I was always drawing ever since I was a kid. My mom would always have pencils and papers in the bag. Whenever I got bored or had to wait for something for a while, she’ll pull out pencils and papers and let me just draw.


As an adult, I haven’t really drawn much. I should’ve. But being a ‘grown-up’ sometimes rob those hobbies you used to like as a child.


でもまた描き始めました(デジタルだけど)。ブランド名は ’Aki Heart‘ (アキ・ハート)。シンプルに「心を込めて描きました」という意味です。もしよかったらここをクリックしてショップに来てみてください。

But here I am drawing again (well digitally). The brand is ‘Aki Heart‘. Simple right? It’s all from my heart. (Click HERE to visit the store)

Therefore, I would like to talk about the designs I come up with, here on my blog. Just to share how each design surfaced in my messy brain.


My first design is for all women, lady bosses and lady entrepreneurs out their who hustle day by day and slay all day!


-by Aki-

Yes, I did this design from scratch. I used illustrator as my pain tool. I do have a sketch book where I doodle lots of idea, but most of the drawing starts in illustrator. I started with this one, because I wanted it to motivate me as well.


CLICK HERE if you’re interested.




About akinoyuutsu

I'm half Japanese and Thai. I sing, draw, create stuff.. and love Fashion. Currently based in Bangkok, Thailand. 日本人とタイ人のハーフで、タイランドと日本を行ったり来たりしてる、ファッション好きな女の子です。

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