London Bath Salisbury (Part 1)

I usually post about beauty, makeups, and fashion… and I almost forgot to blog about my life… Yes, I do have a life. Though most people might think I’m an OTAKU (nerds or geeks in Japanese), staying home watching anime all the time (which is pretty true).



So this post will be about my trip to the UK.



Nails for this trip!!! TADAAAAA!



Has absolutely nothing to do with UK…


What I pack for this trip.


Me and my boyfie took UBER Thailand to the airport!!!  Wheeeee!!!! I know it’s a new thing here in BKK, but honestly, the service is so good!



(I had to add eyeglasses and head band to the photo, coz I looked horrendous without makeups. Hey, it’s a 10 something hour flight….)


Me and the boyfie on plane, getting ready to depart!!! Well, at least in this picture, the light made me looked OK…


Have I mentioned, I’m an OTAKU? Well here is the first movie I watched on plane.



Lupin the 3rd VS Detective Conan


最初に見た機内映画は ルパン三世VS名探偵コナン


(Later continued with FROZEN, SHREK, RIO2…. )


And after a long flight…. here we are… LONDON!



We didn’t do anything much upon arrival, just walked around the area and had a room service…


Ok, don’t want this to be a lengthy post… so will continue more on the next post then!!!!

See ya !!!!




About akinoyuutsu

I'm half Japanese and Thai. I sing, draw, create stuff.. and love Fashion. Currently based in Bangkok, Thailand. 日本人とタイ人のハーフで、タイランドと日本を行ったり来たりしてる、ファッション好きな女の子です。


  1. You have took with you such a cute clothe. What a great trip you had and I love that nail art design.

    xoxo Ra


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