London Bath Salisbury (Part 2)

Hi all, so here is the part 2 to my London, Bath, and Salisbury trip in July. If you haven’t read the part 1, just click right here =>>> PART 1 .


Ok… let’s do part 2.  This was Saturday, and we didn’t wanna go anywhere far, so we started the day with St Paul’s Cathedral, Tower of London and British Museum.


St. Paul’s Cathedral… can’t take photo inside so… I have only photos outside. But I can tell you that it was very, very beautiful inside. The moment you stepped in, it’s like you can feel silent choir of angel all over… I don’t really know how to explain this feeling, but I’m literally trying to just put in words what came into my head.


So… not much photo from the cathedral… but it was a great experience. Next… to the Tower of London.


There so many historic exhibitions inside, where you can learn so much about how people back in the days work, built, plan, punish… etc…


I come to London, how can I not have this photo…


Behind me is actually a place where they exhibit the Royal Jewelry. They didn’t allow photo, so just the outside then. But my goodness, they were all so beautiful! All the crowns and orbs and fancy dinning cutlery used for the royal and official event and occasion. Just magnificent !


From Tower of London, you can also see the Tower bridge.


Oh yeah… first meal in London, outside the hotel was Fish and Chips… LOL


And of course, The British Museum.


There’s like a gazillion exhibition here where you can probably spend the whole entire day. Me and my boyfriend tried to go all, but I think we covered like 70%. Our main highlight was to go to the mummies exhibition, but it was a no photo area… so… enjoy the other Egyptian exhibition below then.


Yes, this is a kitty’s mummy. The Egyptian love their kitties.


Well, that’s all for the 2nd day. Will post part 3 soon! Bye!


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  1. how were the fish and chips? classic british meal, but I wonder what it’s actually like!


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